How does it work?

To have your skills recognised you need to get a formal assessment. As a Registered Training Organisation, Fusion Business College has qualified assessors to review your skills and knowledge. An assessor can then consider your evidence of:

  • Paid or unpaid work in Australia or overseas
  • On-the-job training
  • Other qualifications from Australia or overseas
  • Community or voluntary work
  • Hobbies, sport and leisure activities

In some cases, you may get 100 per cent recognition of your qualification, meaning you would not have to study at all.

Our unique advantage is our Online Skills Recognition Tool. This unique software tool speeds up the RPL process for both assessor and student.

Firstly you need to know what qualification you want recognition in and what RTOs offer that qualification. One of our advisors can help you choose the right qualification.

If your skills are recognised before you start training, you don't have to be trained in things you already know. That makes study faster, cheaper and a lot more interesting.

Gaining a qualification by skills recognition should cost less because you're not paying to learn things you are already competent in.

The rule of thumb is that the more skills and experience you can demonstrate with evidence upfront, the quicker it will take you to gain your qualification and the cheaper it will be.