A Managers guide to Dealership F&I Compliance


Course Overview:

The landscape for Dealership F&I operations has changed dramatically, leaving a minefield of compliance issues for managers to negotiate. Pleading ignorance is no longer acceptable, in terms of a dealership’s F&I compliance. If you are working with, or managing, the F&I team, understanding the compliance issues and risks is critical.

This course provides the foundational understanding required to ensure you, and your dealership, comply with the new regulations and understand the issues of associated with non-compliance. Learn what you, as a manager, are responsible for and how you can detect possible non-compliance and reduce liability or the risk of a large fine…or worse.

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Main Topics:

ASIC’s harder line: The new consequences of ignorance or non-compliance
The application of ASIC’s requirements to the Dealership F&I operations
The connection and compliance issues for Sales and F&I
Understanding exactly what the dealership, and you personally, are accountable for
How to detect non-compliance and reduce liability risks


Course Code: YIN0002
Duration: 60 mins
Delivery: Online
Assessment: Multiple choice
Course: Automotive, Management