Certificate III in Automotive Sales – Parts Interpreting (AUR31020)


Course Overview:

The Certificate III in Automotive Sales – Parts Interpreting (AUR31016P) – Parts Interpreting incorporates the latest AUR16 modules. This versatile course covers all aspects of automotive sales, customer interaction, customer service plus all requirements of working in a modern parts department. It is perfect for new employees or those looking to move into parts interpreting role. It is also suited to any interpreter looking to progress to department manager or gain a formal recognition of their skills.

Traineeships also available for $2250.

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AUR31020 Modules:

There course is grouped into 4 main clusters that need to be completed. They are a mix of basic workplace requirements, practical dealership communication skills and specific sales, follow-up, and customer service skills.

The units are as follows:

Cluster1 – AUR31016 Core Units – 10

AURAMA004 Maintain business image in an automotive workplace – brand & image, maintaining environment, professional presentation etc.
AURACA001 Respond to customer needs and enquiries in an automotive workplace – complex customer issues, proposal presentation, customer effort & the purchase decision etc.
AURASCA005 Sell automotive products and services – sales & marketing, selling activities, sales process, objection handling, telephone skills etc.
AURSLA001 Comply with legal requirements when selling automotive products and services – Competition & Consumer Act, guidelines for pricing & display prices, social media marketing issues, consumer rights obligations, warranties, contracts, vehicle dealer legislation etc.
AURSCA006 Promote automotive products and services – acknowledging the customer, selling benefits & meaning, competition, marketing plans etc.
AURAFA004 Resolve routine problems in an automotive workplace – customer reactions, rules of engagement, dispute resolution, conflict response etc.
AURSAA001 Process customer complaints in an automotive workplace – cost of unhappy customer, company needs vs customer demands, customer service, dealing with upset customers etc.
AURSCA011 Conduct online transactions in an automotive workplace – rules & safety, best practice, security, fixed operations etc.
AURASA002 Follow safe working practices in an automotive workplace – costs, WHS Legislation, policies & procedures, hazard identification etc.
AURAEA002 Follow environmental and sustainability best practice in an automotive workplace – handling waste, hazardous substances, air & noise pollution, conserving energy etc.

Cluster 2 – Parts Interpreting Specialist Elective Units – 4

BSBWOR204 Use business technology – information technology, hardware vs software, data entry & back-up, trouble-shooting, common technical terms etc.
BSBPRO401 Develop product knowledge – sources of information, competitor analysis& translating information, selling benefits, concept selling etc.
SIRXMER201 Merchandise products – place & arrange merchandise, prepare & display price tickets/labels, maintain displays etc.
AURSCA001 Select automotive parts and products – customer contact, identify parts & products, plan & organise activities, problem solving etc.

These 4 units form the core of the Parts Interpreting Certificate and focus on the specific requirements and day-to-day skills needed to work as an interpreter.

Cluster 3 – Vehicle Sales Specialist Elective Units – 2

AURSCA002 Present automotive products and services for sale – display of used/new cars, customer feedback etc.
BSBSLS407 Identify and plan sales prospects – understanding your unique selling proposition, prospecting strategy & qualifying, document records, time management etc.

These 2 units focus specifically on the sales side of the role – such as prospecting, up-selling, generating, and identifying lead opportunities.

Cluster 4 – General Elective Units – 4

AURAFA003 Communicate effectively in an automotive workplace – communication styles, team communication, interpersonal behaviour etc.
AURQA001 Contribute to quality work outcomes – team outcomes & cohesion, communication with management, identifying quality work practices etc.
AURACA003 Build customer relations – needs, wants & demands, relationship management, building rapport etc.
AURAFA001 Use numbers in an automotive workplace – maintain workplace records, calculations etc.

These 4 units focus more on skills necessary for all employees in the workforce and build a well-rounded general skill base.

At the completion of the 4 clusters there is also a short questionnaire which will help you identify your personal communication style.