Communication & Conflict: Handling
the Modern Customer

Course Overview:

In a World of soaring customer expectations, any customer facing staff will, sooner or later, need to deal with issues and disputes. Technology has drastically changed the world we live in-what impact has this had on customers in terms of knowledge and expectation?

The ability of your staff to effectively handle and resolve customer disputes positively will have a lasting effect on your business image and reputation. This course is designed to equip your staff with the key skills required to deal with the modern customer and provides valuable techniques in handling and responding to customer complaints and disputes.
Ensure your staff understand the lifetime value of your customers, uncover the hidden benefits of customer complaints and the ‘golden rules’ of dispute resolution with this practical guide.

Main Topics:

The impact of modern technology on customer knowledge and expectations
Understanding the lifetime value of customers
Why you should not hide from customer complaints
The hidden benefits of customer complaints
The ‘golden rules’ of dispute resolution
How to create “win- win” outcomes

Special Price: $199 (inc. GST)

Course Code: YIN0033
Duration: 1.5 hours
Delivery: Online
Assessment: Multiple-choice
Course: Professional Development

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