Floor Traffic Control and Maintaining
Follow-up Standards to Maximise
Sales Opportunities

Course Overview:

Despite being a key focus for Dealerships, so many sales opportunities seem to “fall through the cracks”. Being able to effectively manage sales inquiries and floor traffic is a critical ingredient to sales success- to ensure opportunity is not wasted.

This course will help you develop practical strategies to get the highest return on investment from every single enquiry the dealership gets. Implement systems to track all enquiries and learn the importance of proper note taking and internal communication amongst departments. You will also learn how to develop a “bullet proof” follow up system, to make sure you take advantage of every sales opportunity.

Main Topics:

Why dealerships lose customers
How good is your follow up, really?
The importance of enquiry tracking systems and procedures
Creating accountability to ensure action
Developing a follow up system that works
Inter-departmental co-operation and the importance of note taking

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Course Code: YIN0004
Duration: 90 mins
Delivery: Online
Assessment: Multiple-choice
Course: Automotive, Management

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