The fast, flexible way to develop selling and customer
experience skills for your new sales staff

In an automotive world of soaring expectations and obsession with customer
experience, how do you equip your new sales staff with the skills they need to deliver results?

The transition into a new career in automotive sales can be hard. It’s not just sales and customer service skills – there is legal compliance, privacy, time
management and teamwork skills which are also important to give your cadets the best chance to grow.

Providing your new cadets with the foundational skills they need early in their career is vital to long-term success and retention.

Drawing on over 23 years’ experience in delivering sales development, product launches and customer experience programs for OEMs and dealers across
Australia and the Asia Pacific, Op2ma has designed a targeted solution to
develop the skills your new sales staff need.


1. Getting Started

• Introduction to the automotive industry in Australia
• Understanding how a dealership works
• Different departments within a dealership

2. Customer Experience

• Understanding customer needs and expectations
• The service gap – expectations vs experience
• Moments of truth in the customer journey
• Delivering a world class customer experience

3. Sales Process

• Creating a great first impression
• Questions to identify needs and target benefits
• Building rapport and developing a relationship
• Product presentation and selling value

4. Compliance

• Understanding legal obligations in sales
• Australian Consumer Legislation
• Understanding the Privacy Act 2018

5. Business Skills

• Working as part of a team
• Effective workplace communication
• Time management made easy

This foundation learning gives your new sales staff the best
chance to succeed in their new career

Your new sales staff will study at their own pace with no disruption to their work – gaining the skills and knowledge they need while performing their daily tasks and activities.

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