Problems & Prospects: Interacting
with the Modern F&I Customer 

Course Overview:

The F&I department offers a host of opportunities for ongoing sales and long-term relationships which increase earning potential if managed correctly. The modern F&I customer has a wealth of information at their disposal, but still needs to be guided through this to ensure they make the right choices.

Problems & Prospects teaches students how to interact with and understand the 4 different types of customer communication styles and how to respond to each effectively . The course shows you how to prospect for new opportunities and incremental sales in F&I, while also highlighting the do’s and don’ts. Those enrolled will also develop practical strategies to handle complaints and deal with difficult customers.

Main Topics:

Understanding body language and the 4 types of F&I customer
Practical strategies and best practices when dealing with complaints or difficult customers
The do’s and dont’s of prospecting

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Course Code: FIN0005
Duration: 120 mins
Delivery: Online
Assessment: Short answer / multiple-choice
Course: Financial Services

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