Price Negotiation & Closing Techniques

Course Overview:

Gaining a commitment to purchase and negotiating a final price can be daunting- for both new and experienced Sales Consultants. This course will show you how to close with confidence and make the most of your investment in the sale.
The course includes customer sensitive trial closing techniques and shows you how, with the right questions, you can plan and control the negotiation process- regardless of the situation.
Maximise your closing rate by understanding the fundamental rules of communication and engagement in a negotiation. Prepare comebacks for each of the 6 most common customer justifications for the value of their trade in and get comfortable talking price.

Main Topics:

Trial closes that work
Discovering the customer barriers to proceeding
The fundamental rules of engagement
Leading questions that lead to a conclusion
Knowing what they are going to say
The 6 most common customer justifications
Using customer responses to close the sale

Special Price: $99 (inc. GST)

Course Code: YIN0005
Delivery: Online
Assessment: Multiple-choice
Duration: 30 mins
Course: Automotive

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