Queensland Motor Vehicle Sales Licensing


Course Overview:

Completion of this course satisfies the educational prerequisite required to apply for a Motor Dealer Licence with the Queensland Office of Fair Trading. Complete the latest AUR16 modules and learn all there is to know about operating as a dealer in the motor vehicle industry, including how to interact with customers, comply with all legal requirements, determine inventory and stock needs and implement sales procedures in as short and convenient a time as possible.

You do not need to be employed or working in the industry to obtain a dealer licence – just complete this course and you can apply.

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AUR31016 Modules:

AURSCA003 – Apply sales procedures in an automotive workplace
AURSLA001- Comply with legal requirements when selling products and services
AURASA002 – Follow safe work practices in an automotive workplace
AURAFA003 – Communicate effectively in an automotive workplace
AURACA001 – Respond to customer needs and enquiries in an automotive workplace
AURSCA005 – Sell automotive products and services