The 5 Steps to a Sale: From
handshake to handover

Course Overview:

Starting a career in automotive sales requires the acquisition of new skills and an understanding of the key processes unique to environment. This course provides all the essential knowledge and skills required to ensure you make the most of the sales opportunities presented while guaranteeing an exceptional experience for the customer.

5 steps to a sale covers off every single aspect of the sales process, from the moment the customer walks in the door to when they drive out the showroom. Examine real-life examples of what does and does not work and learn practical skills to ensure you “stand out from the crowd”. This course will show you how a customer centric focus will help you sell more, by compelling the customer to want to buy from you. This course is perfect for those new to the industry or just after a brush-up on their existing skills.

Main Topics:

Understanding the customer perspective
How to overcome the negative images associated with vehicle sales
Creating a great first impression and welcoming customers
How to avoid losing the sale in the opening minutes 

How to uncover opportunities to build rapport
Professional consultation skills and discovering needs and wants
Different questioning techniques and when to use them
The importance of product presentation and how to engage customers
Feature Advantage Benefit presentations tied to customer needs
The importance of ‘touching the desk’

The keys to a successful test-drive

Customer follow up made easy
Trial closing techniques that work

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Course Code: YIN0001
Duration: 90 mins
Delivery: Online
Assessment: Multiple-choice
Course: Automotive

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