The Fundamentals of
Finance & Insurance

Course Overview:

The Fundamentals of F&I is the perfect starter course for anybody new to the F&I industry. Learn how to develop a finance sales plan, and how consult customers to facilitate opportunities to sell. Develop product presentation skills using features, advantages, and benefits to connect to customer needs and impact sales outcomes.

Get a general overview of the industry, familiarising yourself with the 14 different sectors and common terms and phrases you will encounter in day-to-day practice. Understand the core functions of F&I and a foundational understanding of the department.

Main Topics:

The 14 sectors of the F&I industry.

Understanding common terms and phrases
Why you need a sales plan
Develop a finance sales plan that works
The importance of good consultation
Using feature, advantage, benefit and connecting them to customer needs.

Special Price: $299 (inc. GST)

Course Code: YIN0007
Duration: 90 mins
Delivery: Online
Assessment: Multiple-choice
Course: Financial Services

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