The Updated Privacy Act 2018


Course Overview:

Any business that collects personal information must ensure the issues of privacy are understood by all staff members. Considering the volume and frequency of personal information sharing in a modern workplace means the handling, storage and use of this information is a paramount concern for business.

Address the recent changes to The Privacy Act and ensure all your staff understand their role and responsibility when dealing with personal information; specifically referenced to the day-to-day impact on all employees. This course is an integral part of ensuring all workers are informed and compliant.

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Main Topics:

The Privacy Act 2018 and what it means for business
How the updates affect your day-to-day role
Understand the different types of personal information
Ensuring the security of personal information
Avoiding breaches: The do’s and don’ts of handling customer information


Course Code: YIN0006
Duration: 45 mins
Delivery: Online
Assessment: Multiple-choice
Course: Financial Services