Understanding the Anti-Money
Laundering / Counter Terrorism
Financing Act 2006

Course Overview:

There is no doubt that any business dealing with large financial transactions needs to be aware of the issues related to money laundering and counter terrorism. In a World where instances of this continue to surface, can your business risk being put “under the spotlight” due to a lack of understanding or knowledge?

Know your obligations and compliance requirements, as outlined in the AML/CTF Act 2006. Explore in more depth, the key points as they relate to the you and your day-to-day tasks as an F&I employee, General Manager or Dealer Principal.

Main Topics:

AML/CTF Act in a nutshell

Defining ‘money laundering’

What is ‘on-going due diligence’ and how does it affect me?

ASIC requirements explained

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Duration: 60 mins
Delivery: Online
Assessment: Multiple-choice
Course: Financial Services

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