Western Australia Motor Vehicle Sales Licensing


Course Overview:

Completion of this course satisfies the educational prerequisite required to apply for a WA Sales Licence with the Western Australian Department of Mines, Industry Regulation. Complete the 42 question multiple-choice test in as short and convenient a time as possible whilst covering off all the rules, regulations and legislation you need to be aware of. 1 hour enrolment and same-day certificate issue ensure you could be applying for your licence on the same afternoon.


Topics covered:

State legislation and tribunal licence conditions
Dealer operations
Consignment selling
Warranties and selling used vehicles
Laws and finance
Advertising offences
Car market operations

A WA Sales Licence enables the holder to work under a licenced motor dealer. You may operate as an employee only, doing the following: Selling new or used motor vehicles (including parts) Obtaining a used motor vehicle to sell (including parts) Selling a new or used motor vehicle of consignment Selling a leased motor vehicle to a lessee Negotiating on a person’s behalf to buy or sell a new or used motor vehicle You cannot: Work as an independent operator or contractor Be in charge of a place of business Conduct any auctions
Upon successful completion of the course, an electronic statement of attainment will be issued to you with an original copy sent by registered mail. 1. Take this certificate (electronic copy is fine) and attach it to an application form 2. Submit both the form, the statement of attainment and a valid police clearance to the WA Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) in post or in person. 3. Once all paperwork has been submitted and approved, DMIRS will issue your licence. For more information visit the Western Australia Department of Commerce
The course fee is a one-off payment but you will need to pay a yearly registration fee with DMIRS to maintain your licence. Current fees: For a salesperson registration certificate: $313.35 for 3 years Please note: Fusion Business College is a training provider only and is not involved in the licence registration process. It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure they meet DMIRS licencing eligibility requirements For more information visit the Western Australia Department of Commerce
To complete the course students must achieve 90% or higher in a 42 question multiple-choice test. The test is open-book and self-contained – all questions are based on topics covered in the 7 modules and all answers are located somewhere in the course notes. You are permitted to use these notes whilst completing the test. There is no time-limit and it does not need to be completed in one sitting – you can log in and out as many times as you wish. You can access the test the second you log in so how long the course takes is dependent on how long it takes you to feel comfortable enough to attempt the assessment. You get 2 attempts at the exam and all course notes can be downloaded and saved for future reference – even after you complete the course. If additional test attempts are required, these can be purchased for $120 for 2. If you get stuck at any point you can speak directly with your training assessor by calling 1300 807 177 or emailing training@fusioncollege.com during business hours.
The WA Sales Licence course is ready whenever you are. To enrol we just need a few basic details: Full name Email Contact number Postal address Once enrolled, your login details and a link to your course are made available to you via email. Once you receive this email you are free to start your WA Sales Licence course – simple as that!

Course Code: WA0001
Assessment: 42 question multiple-choice test (open book, no time limit)
Delivery: Online
Recognised by WA Department of Mines, Industry Regualtion & Safety
Course: WA Sales Licence