What’s your Leadership Style?

Course Overview:

Self-knowledge and self-awareness are critical ingredients of successful leaders in any workplace. Understanding your leadership style will help you identify your strengths, while also allowing you to critically evaluate how you can become a better leader.

What’s your leadership style helps uncover your individual management demeanour by asking a series of scenario-based, multiple-choice and ranking questions. Discover which of the 6 personality profiles you fit and what this translates to in the workplace. Extend your leadership capacity by knowing what you can do to become a better leader in your workplace.

Possible Profiles:

Each of this will provide an insight into your leadership style:
Creative Builder
Experience Guide

Special Price: $49 (inc. GST)

Course Code: YIN0024
Duration: 15 mins
Delivery: Online
Assessment: Scenario self-ranking
Course: Management

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